Château de Germigney - Spa
<span> </span>Château de Germigney · Cabine de Soins Spa Détente Jura près d'Arbois · Spa Vinothérapie Caudalie
A relaxing spa weekend in the Jura region in Port-Lesney

Welcome to the Caudalie Vinotherapy Spa

Throughout the year, close to Besançon, the Caudalie Vinotherapy Spa at Château de Germigney in Port-Lesney offers truly wonderful experiences to stimulate the senses in a setting designed with your wellness in mind.

Imagine spacious rooms, very large bay windows which let in a generous amount of natural light, total harmony between wood, glass and stone, curved and understated lines, gentle hues. Enter this soothing world, immerse yourself in this wellness haven in the heart of the Jura region.

Booking is required to access the spa.
In the mood to relax on your own or enjoy a weekend with friends? See our half-day and day packages. 

Château de Germigney - Spa
Château de Germigney - Spa

Opportunities for relaxation

Steam room 

Take a break in the steamy heat for the ultimate release. Forget everything, relax and enjoy the present moment.

Sauna and salt cave 

A nod to the historical salt route which passed through Port-Lesney, this cave is a wonderfully protective cocoon in which to enjoy the soothing and invigorating benefits of salt. Packed with calcium, magnesium, copper, lithium, iodine and potassium, salt cleanses the respiratory tract and clears the mucous membranes. Treat yourself: dry heat relieves muscle tension and helps your body to get rid of accumulated toxins. 

Outdoor jacuzzi under the wisteria 

Heated to 37°C, enjoy a relaxing wellness experience in the great outdoors in this barrel-shaped jacuzzi. Fans of contrasting sensations can alternate between sessions in the jacuzzi and a dip in the natural swimming pool in the garden. Energising and invigorating!

Indoor sensory pool, heated to 32°C 

A genuinely fun experience: gentle immersion in a pool where you’re massaged by multiple jets of water! Move around or rest and relax: you’re sure to feel comfortable in the water.

Sensory shower 

Subtle changes in the jets’ intensity, a combination of colours, music and scents for an instantly relaxing effect. Stimulation for all the senses.

Ice fountain 

Rub ice on your skin after a sauna or steam room session for an energising and invigorating experience which enhances the heat’s benefits.

Outdoor and indoor herbal tea bar and relaxation area 

A haven of peace, before or after a treatment. Comfortable loungers, quiet background music, soothing natural light...

Château de Germigney - Spa
 Château de Germigney · Spa Vinothérapie Caudalie · Weekend Détente Spa Jura près d’Arbois

Enjoy a weekend with a couple’s massage in the Jura region

Caudalie: an expert brand

The Château de Germigney Hotel and Spa has chosen the professional brand Caudalie for its brand new spa. This cosmetics brand is renowned for its quality and natural products and its expert and exclusive treatments. 

Château de Germigney and Caudalie have decided to work together because they have shared values, are both family-owned and are passionate about the local region and its vineyards.

Caudalie created Vinotherapy®, which combines natural active ingredients from vines and grapes. Today, it is the ultimate specialist and has developed unique treatments for the face and body to meet all your needs.

Astrid Hostyn,
Spa manager

Enter a world of gentle relaxation and fall in love with all things Caudalie. Far from the hustle and bustle and surrounded by nature, you’re pampered, your body is soothed and your soul is reinvigorated in this dreamy place. Here, unrivalled “vinotherapists” provide truly unique treatments, using grapes and grape seeds. As you leave the spa, enjoy a feeling of total renewal.

The spa has 5 treatment rooms, including one for two people.

Château de Germigney - Spa

A spa weekend with a massage at Château de Germigney near Arbois

Massages and treatments

Choose from a range of exclusive Caudalie Vinotherapy massages and treatments. Whatever you need, there’s a personalised treatment which is sure to satisfy. Moisturise, relax, nourish, regenerate, soothe and cleanse, all using natural active ingredients on your face or body.

Before any treatment, the “vinotherapists” at Château de Germigney’s Caudalie Spa will welcome you for a consultation: they will listen to your needs and suggest the most appropriate treatment, massage or programme. Every therapist has been specially trained in Caudalie protocols and products. They are professional, attentive and efficient!

View the spa’s treatment list: treatments, experiences, massages, wraps, scrubs, baths, manicures, reflexology and more. Trust us: you’re going to find just what you need at the Caudalie Vinotherapy Spa at Château de Germigney

Travelling from Besançon, Dole, Arbois, Poligny or Lons-le-Saunier? Find out more about our spa experiences and special offers . You’re sure to enjoy a wonderful day or half-day of pampering in the heart of the Jura region.

Château de Germigney - Spa
Château de Germigney - Spa
Château de Germigney - Spa