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Relais & Châteaux Hotel in the Jura Region – Château de Germigney

The surroundings
of Château de Germigney

Walk through the gate of Château de Germigney in Port-Lesney to find a Relais & Châteaux boutique hotel , surrounded by vast tree-filled grounds. The 18th century building has been transformed into an elegant hotel with 28 rooms and suites which offer sophistication and simplicity. Here, the art of hospitality reigns supreme during every second of your stay in the Jura region.


Our team

Get to know the team who will take care of you during your stay with us.

“As a receptionist, I welcome guests to the gourmet restaurant and the hotel throughout their stay. I am very attentive and ensure that the time our guests spend with us is pleasant and memorable. I process bookings by telephone and by email, advising guests to ensure that their expectations are met. I see Château de Germigney as a world apart which offers its guests a truly relaxing getaway.”

 “As House Manager, I make sure that all our guests and staff feel comfortable. I like the warmth of the Château, its family feel; it’s such a peaceful haven. Every day, I try to put Maya Angelou’s words into practice: “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

“As House Manager, together with my wife, I make sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and front of house. Château de Germigney is a lively place with plenty of fascinating personalities. And when I think about the next few years, I agree with Peter Drucker: “the best way to predict the future is to create it”.”

“As the pastry chef in charge of all things sweet, my role is to create sweet treats which showcase a number of flavours and atypical combinations of local and exotic ingredients. Taste is my overwhelming focus and I limit the amount of added sugar used. Château de Germigney has helped me to develop my skills by encouraging me to discuss ideas openly with our chef Pierre Basso-Moro. It’s also a wonderful place to explore and a stimulating working environment.”

“I’m the sous-chef. My job is all about communicating, learning and sharing with the team and the chef, in a kind and friendly way. In my view, Château de Germigney is a place where time stands still and encourages sociability and sharing all year round: by the fire in winter, on the restaurant terrace and in the grounds in spring, by the natural pool in summer, at the spa in autumn.”

“I’m the maître d’ at Le Bistrot de Port-Lesney. It’s my job to welcome diners and to make them feel comfortable. I’m an affable chap and I like to welcome people like an old-fashioned innkeeper to a restaurant with a sociable and friendly atmosphere. Château de Germigney is a wonderful place with a family feel and it’s great to work here.” 

“I’m head waiter at Le Bistrot de Port-Lesney; my role involves looking after customers, making them feel at home and ensuring that they leave with a smile. I am professional and enjoy what I do in the bistro. Château de Germigney is an incredible place with a welcoming, family feel.”

“I’m the spa manager and I’m responsible for the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. I manage a team of therapists and I encourage everyone to provide the very best service at all times. I’m dynamic and motivated, keen to please and dedicated to giving my all. Of course, the stunning setting of Château de Germigney helps with this, as does the cosy and intimate feel of the Caudalie Vinotherapy Spa: the perfect place in which to unwind.”

“As a receptionist, I take a particular interest in the well-being of every guest. From the first time they contact us and from their arrival to their departure, it’s important that every guest feels unique. I’m lucky enough to work in this peaceful setting alongside other professionals, each one more talented than the last, which makes it easy to respond to guests’ different requests. From the very first time a guest contacts Château de Germigney, I enjoy offering the warm welcome and the quality service which reflect the harmonious sense of well-being which reigns supreme here.”

"As head sommelier, I help diners every day to choose the right wine, finding the perfect accompaniment which takes personal taste and our chef’s cuisine into account. As a wine lover and enthusiast, I love introducing guests to some of the lesser known wines from across the Jura region. Boasting intimate and soothing grounds, Château de Germigney is a superb venue with real style and where guests can enjoy gourmet cuisine and genuine hospitality.”

Breakfast at Château de Germigney

Enjoy the peaceful feel of Château de Germigney. Your day in this bucolic setting begins with a delicious breakfast served at your table in the orangery or on the sunny terrace. Choose from bread and pastries from Maison Jacoulot in Bracon, fresh and seasonal fruit, yoghurt made with sheep’s milk from La Bergerie de Sophie, your favourite kind of eggs, local cheese, honey from our hives, a slice of Arbois nut cake or galette au gourmeau (a custard tart which is a popular local speciality in France-Comté). 

On request, we can provide a range of gluten-free products.