The Château’s eco-friendly approach

Posted on: Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Château’s famous Gauloise de Bresse hens

In farming, only the white-feathered Gauloise de Bresse produce Bresse chickens.

Our hens come from a supplier who has won multiple awards, Rachel Voissard, based in Chapelle-Voland, an area of the Jura region where Bresse chickens are bred.

At Château de Germigney, the hens live a happy life. They are fond of our vegetable peelings and produce our eggs, often coming to say hello to guests who are enjoying breakfast on the terrace, as part of their daily walks around the grounds.


The Château’s bees

Our certified organic hives produce the honey served at breakfast and sold in our shop. Our bees gather nectar from our grounds, acacia and lime trees and, in hot weather, honeydew from oak trees. Our two House Managers act as our “Happ-beekeepers”.

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